Strategic growth, higher performance, lower costs, & speed!

Moving to the Google Cloud Platform provides a great opportunity to achieve strategic growth, get the best technology has to offer in terms of performance, reduce costs, and do it with great speed. As your partner we will help you adopt Google Cloud Platform and scale for success.

Our Certified Google Cloud Developers and Cloud Architects have a comprehensive approach from evaluation to execution, with immediate results. We will partner with you for long term sustained success.

Google Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test, and deploy applications on Google's highly secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure.

Google offers great options for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Based on your organization's journey and maturity, you can pick one of these or a combination of these options to get real-time results.

Google offer's a host of options for your Big Data needs and they are fully managed and scalable.


Open source tool to build and run neural network models

  • Wide platform support: CPU or GPU; mobile, server, or cloud

Fully managed machine learning service

  • Familiar notebook-based developer experience
  • Optimized for Google infrastructure; integrates with BigQuery and Cloud Storage

Pre-trained machine learning models built by Google

  • Speech: Stream results in real time, detects 80 languages
  • Vision: Identify objects, landmarks, text, and content
  • Translate: Language translation including detection
  • Natural language: Structure, meaning of text

Cloud Dataproc

Managed Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Pig, and Hive service


Cloud Dataflow

Stream and batch processing; unified and simplified pipelines



Analytics database; stream data at 1,00,000 rows per second


Cloud Pub/Sub

Scalable and flexible enterprise messaging


Cloud Datalab

Interactive data exploration

For structured data


Cassification and regression




Anomaly detection

For unstructured data


Image and video analytics


Text analytics

  Cloud Datastore Cloud Bigtable Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner BigQuery
Types NoSQL document NoSQL wide column Blobstore Relational SQL for OLTP Relational SQL for OLTP Relational SQL for OLAP
Best for Semi-structured application data, durable key-value data 'Flat' data, Heavy read/write, events, analytical data Structured and unstructured binary or object data Web frameworks, existing applications Large-scae database applications (>~2 TB) Intractive querying, Offline analytics
Use cases Getting started, App Engine applications AdTech Financia and IoT data Images, large media files backups User credentials customer orders Whenever high I/O, consitency is needed Data warehousing